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       Academic & Non academic activities organized in 2016-17

       September onwards  

  1. Use of waste material -                                                   25.11.16  
  2. Flow chart- Schools of Psychology                                    22.11.16   
  3. Guest lecture on hypnosis -                                             27.09.16   
  4. Seminar on Current problem on Indian social life               27.10.16   
  5. Chart making competetion on types of stress                    02.11.16   
  6. Competetion on use of waste material                              16.11.16   
  7. Poster making competetion on Physiological Psychology    16.11.16   
  8. Visit to mental hospital                                                    23.11.16   
  9. Basics of how to write a lab report                                   02.11.16     
  10. Shram daan-Classroom cleaning, tiding and decorating      18.11.16    
  11. Session 2015-16 Activities organized
  12. Study tour-Workshop on Rorschac & somatic inkblot test 2nd -4th September 
  13.  Lecture on Child Abuse  by Child line                               24.9.15 
  14. Scrapbook making competition on Psychological researches Sep 2015-May 2016
  15. Poster making competition on Physiological researches       April 2016
  16. Extension course-Certificate course in Personality Theories August 2015-May2016
  17. Session 2014-2015 Activities organized
  18. Extension course -Certificate in Peronality Theories            August 2014-April 2015
  19. Lecture on Genetics                                                         August 2014
  20. Field trip -Visit to mentally challenged,Mother Theresa home 14th Feb 2015
  21. Study Tour at National PG College Lucknow-Workshop on Counseling and therapeutic Techniques 13th -14th March
  22. Session 2013-2014 Activities organized
  23. Hakim Memorial Lectures -Basics of Statistics                  -November 2013
  24. Study tour-(seminar on youth issues,sightseeing,visit to Noor Manzil Psychiatric centre 7th -10th Feb 2014
  25. Guest lecture-Techniques of Psychotherepy                     7th march 2014
  26. Mujhe kuch kehna hai-Poster making, self description,honouring three young ladies 8th March 2014
  27. Session 2012-2013 Activities organized
  28. National Conference on Opportunities and Challenges of Work Ethics in Nation Building organized by Dept of Psychology and Society of Behavioral Scientists(no of resource persons-13)4th -6th Oct 2012
  29. Session 2011-2012
  30. Lecture on Hypnosis under Drew Sully Association of Psychology followed by cultural programme       




2016-17 SESSION


The department of Psychology has four teaching faculty, one guest faculty, two nonteaching staff and one peon.

There are 245 students from classes UG to PG including PGDCP. The result of the session was 100%.

The department organized several academic activities; guest lecture, seminar, debate, field trip and career counseling etc for the students, several competitions like chart making, poster making debate were also organized.

The teaching faculty is involved in research work, presentation and publication of papers.

Dr. Poonam R. Das has one Ph.D. scholar under her supervision, one scholar was awarded her Ph.D. degree in July 2016. She published two research papers (1) ‘The role of Intelligence in risk taking behavior among females’ was published in IAHRW International Journal of Social Science Review (3) 4  September 2016. (2) A Glimpse of the Emotional Intelligence, 17 (2) August 2016.

Dr. Vandana Patankar published two paper on ‘Job Satisfaction among teachers and corporate employees in Delhi’ and ‘Pro-environmental behavior: A comparative study between private and public school children’ in Journals Psycho Lingua 46 (1) and Indian Journal of Psychometry and Education,  47 (2) respectively in 2016.

She also attended 8th International Conference on Evaluation of Modern Education system organized by HIBSC at Agra in September 2016.

She is attending a two week workshop at Rewa on ‘Capacity Building organized by Rewa University.

She received Dr. H.K. Kapil Memorial National Award for Best Clinical Psychologist by IPERA in 2015.

Dr. Preeti Masih presented a paper on ‘Evolution of Spirituality in Christian faith at National Conference on Spiritual Psychology in Practice at AMU in November 2016.

Dr. Priyanka presented papers (1) Psycho Social Aspects of Water : Different Religion views (2) Understanding Religiosity level; A Comparative study of Hindu and Muslim youth (3) Physiological aspects of developmental Dyslexia ; Can medical technology be an answer to it (4) Attitude of women towards environment: A comparative study of working women & housewives at National  Seminar on water security in India at Nagpur in October 2016, 8th International Conference on Evaluation of Modern Educational  System in September 2016 at Agra, 2nd International  Conference on New Challenges in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology in the context of 21st Century at Agra in February 2016 respectively.

She published two papers (1) Personality, Correlates of Drug Abuse.  Psycholingua  46 (2) 2016, (2) Baseless Contemplative Thinking – A root service to mental health problems. Shikshamitra 9 (1) 2016.

She attended refresher course from 24th May – 13th June 2016 at AMU.  She also published two books Inclusive Education and Upekshit Samaj Anubhag.

She received 3 awards (1) Samaj Bhusan Samman- 24th Akil Bhartiya Hindi  Sahitya Sammelan (2) Dedicated teacher award by IAIP (3) and Sahitya Sangeet Sangam on October 16th, 26th, and 8th 2016 respectively.


Dr. Poonam, R. Das    (M.A, M.Ed, Ph.D, PGDGC(NCERT), CDM(IGNOU))    Associate Professor   
Dr. Vandana Patankar    (M.Sc M.A Ph.D JRF(NET))    Associate Professor   
Dr. Preeti P.Masih    (M.A Ph.D)    Assistant Professor   
Dr. Priyanka Neeta Masih   (M.A Ph.D)    Assistant Professor