Dr Dinesh Lal

Dr Dinesh Lal

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Date of Birth 1969-03-17
Specialization Entomology
Qualification M Sc Ph D
Designation Associate Professor

Paper Published

Year Paper Topic Journal Name ISBN No / ISSN No View Paper
1994 Rhopalocerous Lepidoptera as the conservators of high vegetation gene pool Annals of Entomology Click here
2007 Altitudinal distribution of Mylabris spp. in the Kullu & Lahaul- Spiti regions of North West Himalay Insect Environment Click here
2010 Correlation studies between physical parameters of Husk rice and infestation of Angoism ois Grain Mo Annals of Plant Protection Sciences ISSN-0971-3573 Click here
2010 Screening of Husked Rice varieties against Sitotroga cerealella Annals of Plant Protection Sciences ISSN-0971-3573 Click here
2010 Thysanoptera and the range of their host plants in the upper reaches of Kullu and Lauhaul-Spiti regi Journal of Holistic Environment Click here
2011 Abiotic factors and pigeon pea podfly Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch) Indian journal of Entomology ISSN-0367-8288 Click here
2011 Influence of Abiotic factors on leaf infestation caused by leaf miner Chromatomyia horticola(Gour) i The Allahabad Farmer ISSN-0971-9075 Click here
2011 Studies on the Ecology of Phtebolominae sand flies (Phlebotomidae: Diptera) in the Northern district Journal of Entomolgical Research Click here
2011 Role of morphometric description of female genitalia to discriminate Phlebotominae sand flies species (Diptera: Psychodidae:Phlebotominae) from Northern part of India. Journal of Entomolgy Click here

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