Dr. (Mrs.) Lisy Mary Thomas

Dr. (Mrs.) Lisy Mary Thomas

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Date of Birth 1966-08-28
Specialization Solid State Electronics
Qualification M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D (NET-JRF)
Designation Associate Professor

Paper Published

Year Paper Topic Journal Name ISBN No / ISSN No View Paper
1997 A Comparative Study of The Second Order Birch And Murnaghan Equation of State For Ionic Solids Indian Journal of Pure And Applied Physics , 35, 601 0019-5596 Click here
1996 Temperature Dependence of Elastic Constants And Thermal Expansion Coefficient For NaCl Crystal Phys. Stat. Sol. 195, 361 0370-1972 Click here
1995 Equation of State And Thermal Expansivity At High Pressures And High Temperatures For NaCl Crystal High Temperatures-High Pressures, ¬27/28, 171 (1995/1996). 0018-1544 Click here
1996 Analysis of Pressure Dependence of Thermal Expansivity of NaCl Crystals Phys. Stat. Sol. 195, 67 0370-1972 Click here
1995 Analysis of Pressure-Volume Relations For NaCl Crystals At High Temperatures Solid State Communications 96, 417 0038-1098 Click here
1995 Equation of State And Pressure Dependence of Bulk Modulus For NaCl Crystals Phys. Stat. Sol. 189, 363 0370-1972 Click here
1994 Birch Equation of State For Alkali Halide Crystals Phys. Stat. Sol. 181, 387 0370-1972 Click here

Seminar Attend

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Career Advancement Courses

Year Course Topic Duration
2002 Orientation Course 16-11-02 to 13-12-02
2006 Refresher Course 22-03-06 to 13-04-06
2007 Refresher Course 07-09-07 to 27-09-07

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