Dr. Melva Pope

Dr. Melva Pope

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Date of Birth 1959-01-08
Qualification BA(College_Name),MA/Ph D(College_Name)
Designation Associate Professor

Paper Published

Year Paper Topic Journal Name ISBN No / ISSN No View Paper
2013-01-01 Black Identity in the Novels of Alice Walker Sapna Rani / Click here
2012-01-01 Short Stories of V.S.Naipaul: A Critical Appraisal Binny Mathew / Click here
2016-01-01 The Use of Mass Media in Teaching Business Writing in English P.Immanuvel Prem Kumar / Click here

Seminar Attend

Year Seminar Place Paper Presented Paper Topic View Paper
2003-01-01 1 World Conference and IX Annual Conference IASCL, Contemporary Literature on Post Colonial Theory Attia Hossain`s Sunlight on a Broken Column: Post Colonial Perspectives Click here
2005-01-01 National Conference on Aspects Commonwealth Literature: Challenges & Possibilities Mahasweta Devi and the Wretched of the Earth: A Study of `Shishu` Click here
2008-01-01 National Conference on Transformative Strategies for Empowerment of Civil Society with special reference to Gender -- Click here
2008-01-01 International Seminar on the Representation of Women in Contemporary Literature New Age Feminism: A Study of Mukhtar Mai`s A Matter of Honour Click here
2010-01-01 5th International &41st National Conference of the English Language Teachers` Association of India (ELTAI) Setting the Standard in Global English: Issues and Perspectives Click here
2011-01-01 National Conference on Promotion of Ethics and Human Vales Pride and Prejudice: A Study of Sudha Murthy`s Mahasweta Click here
2012-01-01 National Conference on Challenges and Opportunities of Work Ethics The Synergy of Love, Attitude and Need to Propel Work Ethics Click here
2012-01-01 National Conference on Literature, Society and Culture The Social and Religious {Ir}Relevance of the Death Penalty: Pointers from Albert Camus` The outside Click here
2013-01-01 5th EDU Convex,Leadership in Education -- Click here
2014-01-01 National Conference on Globalization: Impact on Rights of Women Woman of Substance: An Analytical Study of Mukhtar Mai`s A Matter of Honour Click here
2015-01-01 National Conference on Land, Water & Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development Destroyer or Preserver: The Irony of Scientific Sustainability Click here