Dr. S.G. Singh

Dr. S.G. Singh

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Date of Birth 1969-03-05
Qualification M Sc/ Ph D/ FAPS(College_Name)
Designation Associate Professor

Paper Published

Year Paper Topic Journal Name ISBN No / ISSN No View Paper
2010-01-01 Role of Cyanobacteria and organic /inorganic amendments on micro/macro-nutrient dynamic in paddy soi Avneesh Kumar Sangam / Click here
2011-01-01 Effect of application on fertilizer (chemical and non- chemical) and pesticides on population dynami Puspendra Vimal / Click here
2012-01-01 Classification of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars based on their morphological make-up, protein pro Rouf Ahmad Mir / Click here
2012-01-01 Evaluation of growth factors on mass cultivation of Spirulina plantensis in different seasons at Agr Harish / Click here
2013-01-01 Biofertilizer technology for improving yields and environmental sustainability of wheat-maize croppi Swati Yadav / Click here
2013-01-01 Potential of different factors for the growth of Spirulina platensis under the climatic conditions o Shikha Masih / Click here
2014-01-01 Influence of some micro-organisms on physico-chemical properties of Agra soil and its effect on grow Sheetal Dubey / Click here
2014-01-01 Genetic divergence and morphological characterization in local rice germplasm adapted to temperate c Sheikh Muzaffer Abdullah / Click here
2015-01-01 The Potential of using different cheap nutrient media for the production of Spirulina platensis: An Sweta Jain / Click here
2015-01-01 Fertility management for sustaining environmentally sound production of wheat-pulse cropping sys Juhi Yadav / Click here

Seminar Attend

Year Seminar Place Paper Presented Paper Topic View Paper
1991-01-01 “Biology, Improvement, Propagation and Commercialization of Indian Orchids Morphology of some orchid seeds from West Himalaya Click here
1992-01-01 “New trends in Plant Researches Karyomorphological studies in Gastrochilus. Click here
1993-01-01 “Biodiversity Strategy, Conservation and Future Challenges Cytological studies of some orchids in Vandoideae Click here
1995-01-01 “A Decade of Orchid Research and Development Numerical assessment of leaf phenolics-An aid to s Click here
1995-01-01 “Plant Research and Development Numerical assessment of leaf phenolics-An aid to species delimitation in some orchids Click here
1996-01-01 “Scope of Microbiology in Agriculture and Industry and Information on Medicinal Plants Seed viability testing of some Indian Orchids Click here
2003-01-01 “Biotechnology for Health, Agriculture & Industry Role of Cyanobacteria in reducing chemical fertilizer for rice cultivation. Click here
2004-01-01 “Current Issues of Plant Sciences: Health and Environmental Aspects An assessment of Cyanobacterial application as Bio-remediation in Paddy fields Click here
2004-01-01 “Microbial Diversity: Opportunities, Challenges & Relevance in New Millennium Impect of mutated streptomyces keratin lechate on seed germination of Gram in vitro. Click here
2007-01-01 “Recent trends in Plant Sciences and Health Medicines Effect of phosphate solubilising bacteria on growth and yield of wheat crop and nutrient status of s Click here
2008-01-01 International Symposium on “Natural Resource Management in Agriculture Combined effect of micro-organisms and chemical fertilizers on Triticum aestivum. Proc. Internat. Click here
2009-01-01 Quality Management in Teaching Education Recent Trends in Quality Education Click here
2009-01-01 “Current Advancement in Biotechnology Effect of different pH and light quality on the biomass production and chlorophyll content in Spirul Click here
2011-01-01 “Conservation, Cultivation and Utilization of Medicinal Plants Potential of biofertilizers and nitrogen source level on the growth and yield of Zea mays. Click here
2014-01-01 National Seminar on “Yamuna Water Polluytion and its Control Measures (Present and Future Strategies)“ Performance of Azolla and Rhizobium in reducing chemical fertilizers for wheat and moong crop respec Click here
2015-01-01 International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Biotechnology and Sciences with Especial Reference to Climatic Change. Integrated low input nutrient management by biofertilizers in wheat – maize cropping system. Click here
2015-01-01 National Seminar on “New Frontiers in Organic Farming for Sustainable Developmentof Indian Agriculture Effectiveness of biofertilization on the growth and yield of wheat and maize: An Assessment. Click here
2015-01-01 National Seminar on “Ethnobotany: Concept and Prospective Low cost medium formulation using cow dung ash for the cultivation of Cyanobacterium: Spirulina Click here
2015-01-01 National Seminar on “Ethnobotany: Concept and Prospective Cyanobacterial distribution in paddy fields of Agra region Click here
2016-01-01 National Seminar Recent trends in higher education Click here
2016-01-01 Invited Lecture Algae: An interesting group of plants Click here